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Life Insurance (What if I die too soon?)


Life insurance is a fundamental part of financial planning.  We carefully assess your financial position, then use term life, whole life and/or universal life insurance to protect the assets that you want to preserve for your surviving dependents- business and personal.  Our goal is to make sure your loved ones maintain their same standard of living as they did when you were contributing to their lifestyle and your business will continue to operate as a going concern.


Annuities (What if I live too long?)


We use annuities to accumulate and grow your money for you, both before and during your retirement years, as well as to provide a steady stream income for you after you retire.  Often times, Social Security and other retirement instruments (e.g. 401K’s) are not enough.  Annuities are an excellent way to ensure that you will have the standard of living you deserve during the best years of your life.


Disability Insurance (What if I can’t work?)


When a person is no longer able to work due to becoming disabled, they are no longer able to earn money to pay for their daily needs.  Additionally, their disability may create new and unexpected bills that are necessary for them to pay in order to maintain an acceptable quality of life.  We integrate disability insurance into your financial portfolio to provide an injection of cash to you that will close the gap created by your loss of earned income and will continue to protect you up to your time of retirement.


Long-term Care Insurance (What happens when I need additional care?)


Many people, due to disability and/or failing health that comes with growing older, need assistance with daily living.  We use long-term care insurance (LTC) to provide the financial means needed to pay for nursing-home care, home-health care, home modifications and adult day care.  LTC is an important tool in helping you maintain your independence and quality of life.

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